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                              Royal Park, Melbourne

      I wanted to travel around the places at Melbourne and also know what are best places to catch up.  I visited the Royal Park very close to the place where i am staying.
It was so nice to see green all over the place gives me a pleasant walking around all the times. It was so wonderful early in the morning while walking around and seeing persons do different activities walking,jogging,running around the park. I had a good view from the path i was standing also, most of the time i wanted to run around the park that gives me a good breathing around all the times and keeps me fresh and energetic.  Everyday morning either when you walk, jog,run do a good exercises always gives a freshness around us to make look fit all the time. sometimes during the weekend in the evenings,  i also took a jogging around the park. Just after a few minutes walking i came to know there is a wonderful zoo at Melbourne.

During the day hours i see there are some people playing golf around. Most of my friends told me Golf is good game and need more concentration to play. Also i saw stores that were around the street corners having a good golf shop having the latest in their shops. Some look good having a good interior decorations around. When i asked a few players, "How do you do that?", She smiled and told me,"just like that. Good to play around the Golf everyday morning and also good exercise for me.Would you like to join us ?". I said,"yes". She was so friendly. I showed just few pictures of the people playing Golf.

Very close i was waiting for the tram 55, it was just about the time written at the tram station the, the tram just arrived. Wow I came to understand its just on time written in the timetable in the tram station. Okay now i wanted to go to the zoo. I also came to know this tram reaches the Melbourne city and its frequent. So i wanted to visit the Zoo. I entered punched my ticket and grabbed a seat and just a few minutes i reached the Zoo stop. The climate was not so hot and i love the climate in that way. I also observed there is a Train station at Royal Park. It is so good to have a look at the map later. I liked the sound of the tram and the bell sound. I thanked the driver, "Thanks mate".
I got at Zoo stop. Its good.

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