Tuesday, 3 September 2013


I am a Software Engineer work around the world along with the packages that contains travelling in my job. This is my first time i am traveling to Maldives for work. I took a flight and Landed there at Maldives.
 The Moment i landed it was so wonderful to see the and enjoy the view of ocean.
Most of the time wherever i go from the Airport i have to take the Paid Boat services that so cheap and good to afford. The first time i was given a room at resort to stay. I enjoyed the view of the ocean from the balcony. The more i spend my time viewing the ocean it was so pleasant to look around people gathering and moving around.
 I arrived at the hotel to have some bites, the bites were so delicious made of small fishes chucked inside along with the black tea served hot every time. Early in the morning i have to wake to travel north so i went to bed early. 
Next day morning at 6 am, I was ready to go to the island where i have to work.
Assistant came by at 5.55 am  and picked my baggage and we were at the cab, after 7 minutes the cab stopped near the speed boat which is about to start to travel north from the Capital city Male'.

I was just about to ask the Manager, whether i could stay a couple of days to look around the Capital City Male'.  The Manager agreed as i was early to join the work and got about two days to stay at Male' and the Manager told me to have a nice stay".
I told the Assistant we have go back to Resort. As it was two days i told the assistant to book the room for two days. It was Taj Exotica. The Assistant was also happy and gave me few Tips of the place where to visit in Male'.
Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives I thanked the assistant and i was so relaxed and enjoyed the view from the Taj. I enjoyed spa. It was about 8.30am and i was so hungry. I had a good Breakfast. I wanted to visit the nearest small island Hulhumale', that is very close to the airport. I took a Dhoni to reach the place. I enjoyed the place a lot as it was so neat and also pleasant,refreshing.I took some pics of the beach and i walked very close to the beach.

There are also other famous restaurants available in Male' City. They were so good to have the
The Sala Thai Restaurant is one of the good having thai food items so delicious and mouth watering.

 The other good restaurants are the shell Beans good for breakfast,Lunch,dinner. It contains delicious Coffee also. Food ,service ,atmosphere are very good at this coffee shop. Very nice place to have coffees.
The taste of Coffee differs in Maldives. The Coffee are excellent,delicious and good for the morning starters. The coffee powders are from Singapore, Malaysia and other Gulf Countries.
The taste of the Dark coffee and normal coffee are different.

Tuna sandwich is a good and delicious available throughout the local restaurants. This sandwich is entirely a mix of Tuna fish stuffed inside the sandwich.
Apart from tuna Sandwich, there are also sandwiches stuffed with chicken. The taste differs and they are too delicious.

Brown Bread sandwiches are also available for healthy breakfast,dinner and during the evening times.

This is another type stuffed with Tuna Fish. Its good and delicious available through out the restaurants. Mainly you a pick it up from  the local restaurants.

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