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Visit to Melbourne, Pay a visit to Melbourne


As i have already told I am a Software Engineer that includes travel in my Job. I traveled Singapore many times.First I took a flight from Melbourne International Airport. I spent about few hours in the Melbourne International Airport. Wow the Airport is so great to look around with a lots of shops around for shopping.
Its was so Fantastic to look around the airport and stay for a long number of hours.
The First time to Melbourne International airport, I did not have much time to look around, because it was the first time i was looking for my friend who is about to receive me at the airport.

Oh my friend is here to receive me from the Airport. It was about a few Minutes we had a talk about how great is the Melbourne International Airport. Wow! No body would imagine, This is one of the international Airport. It is so good to have a look around and the people all around the world stop by here also.
It is a great time to spend around the airport if we were at Transit. I just arrived and my friend got a car and so he is able to pick me up. I just thought i will definitely look around the Melbourne International airport so that it will happy and joyful.
After few minutes of drive from Airport we reached our place. Time to rest. Before rest we need to plan what to do next. I planned to search in the  to look around what are the places present around for tourist. Usually i arrive so that i could make some arrangement and things around us. That will be helpful. I came to know there is Grocery store available near the place where we were staying. After a few steps Bilo one of the largest store in Australia and after 3 minutes walk from there is the IGA(Independent Groceries of Australia).

The famous is ,"Hungry Jacks", found at most inside and outside the city of Melbourne. We enjoy breakfast also some times Dinner at Hungry Jack's.

I also got in to McDonald's at Bourke Street. Nice and easy wow meals. Entertaining along with my friends, some of my friends are fan of McDonald's they never wanna leave. As much as they eat as much as they burn their fat. Pretty hard workers, efficient workers.

Its pretty awesome with a lot of veggies with subway. Its good to have a delicious diet and maintain the body weight with subway. Subway is one of my favorite. Not only the veggies the good ones are also the Non-veggies.  God man has invented a lots and lots and everyday we must have time to visit and praise their inventions along with a lot to eat.

I also came to know about the trams that is available in that suburbs and how long to walk from our apartment. I also came to good i have to take a bike for about 15 minutes to reach the city.
I was so hungry i need a breakfast and i walked in to Hungry Jack's. The Breakfast was so good .
Also there were so many restaurant nearby .  Chinese restaurant was  so cheap and good  to taste the Chinese food. I found more and more near the China town.
I liked this dish very much. it has become one of my favorite dish.

 I also went around the China Town at Melbourne. This is the one of the way to the China town.

After that, I came to the train station and i borrowed a map from the station available from by friend. I wish i wanted to look around about some education available around. As i was in the work visa category i wounder i could give a try for research related study.
Before entering into education i wanted to know what are the famous places to visit in Melbourne - like i wanted to visit the ,"The GreatOcean Road","Zoo in Melbourne", "Golf to Play", "Port Melbourne", Cinema Theaters, Hanging around, Casino. Apart from these important places the site seeing the most i love, also i wanted to travel different cities in Australia.
After that I went to Bourke Street to look around the pigeons were fed and its a amazing look that those pigeons were around the people, they ate french fries, pigeon food eatable that are fed to the pigeons.

 I came to know a lot of Golf players are also around Melbourne and the most beautiful places to play Golf are royalmelbourne.
 One of the places where you can play a good golf. The good way to exercise in the morning gives a catch of breadth. Also there are other Places where you can play Golf if you are very good at playing.

This picture is also of Royal Melbourne. Big line that runs through to make a good selection to play over that place.

Apart from that, the down below is the Golfselect where you can play also. The amazing place that has good view of sunlight and also a tough way to play around.  The more you play the more you are energetic and active.

After that my friends and myself walked around looking for some of the place where to play golf again. we came across albertparkgolf and we have very good time over there. My friends were playing.

Next Place we visited is the Melbourne Museum. The Museum is located at Nicholson Street, Carlton,Victoria 3053. We saw Dinosaur skeletons around. Its a good place to visit and learn more about science and ancient sculptures. Best to know about Museum Victoria''s collection and research. The Discovery center research about Animal and Plants, Rock and Fossils, History and Technology,indigenous cultures. The Most amazing collection is about the spiders and scorpions, Frogs and reptiles, Birds and Mammals also about Marine Life and more about Plants.
The Australian History and technology part consists of Victorian coins, social history,Transport, primary industries,communications and technology, coins and medals.

 The history of Museum Victoria from 1854-2001. One of the most famous and interesting is the history timeline, we really wondered more out of it. Let me tell you something you have to know and see.

  In the Government Assay Office, that is in La Trobe Street, that is in Melbourne , the National Museum of Victoria has opened up there. There are lots and lots of geological and natural science collections. The First Scientist William Blandowski appointed to the staff. - This was in 1854

After that in 1863 a new building erected at Melbourne University, that houses the Museum. There are agricultural and mining machinery and also significant collections of national history material.

In 1870- The industrial and technological Museum was established by the Government of Victoria.
The First Scientist Superintendent James Cosmo Newbery was appointed as chemist and assayer.

1899 - The collections present in the Melbourne University are been transferred to the building in Swanston Street

Melbourne Museum explores the entire Life in Victoria. For Children, there is a special Gallery. Also their Highlights are - blue whale complete skeleton, the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Center, the Famous Imax theater. Touring Hall consist of Major international exhibitions.

  Apart from these the Melbourne Museum shop, located in the main foyer. In here local and Australian products that reflect the Museum themes.

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