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Travel Insurance is Important for overseas travelers

There is always a reason to travel overseas whether that might be Personal, Business, study, get-together, to visit our friends and family overseas, vacations, and tours. One of the most important that every traveler must carry is the Travel Insurance.  It’s always best to be covered with Travel insurance whenever we travel overseas to another country or a neighboring country.

In everybody’s mind a question might arise before we make a travel - “What are things to be considered before travelling to a country?” .First thing that comes to mind everybody insists is about Safety.
 Next thing is about travel, what airlines are best to choose? Is it Business Class ticket or Economy ticket? Who will be travelling along with us? What are things we have to carry?
How many suitcases we need to carry? What would be the Kg that airline would allow carrying?.  Your involvement to travel to overseas will make you comfort when you are best covered with travel insurance. As much as you are energetic you might also feel tired. When you are tried there will be always the care. One such is the travel insurance if you are travelling overseas.

 Things we have to do before travelling:
Always good to carry travel documents along with us and keep a copy of original document inside our suitcase and also on our shoulder bag you carry along with you and your family.
·         It is also advisable to leave a copy of travel documents in home with our family members or a close friend if we have to travel alone.

·         Nowadays being more modern it is also best to carry a soft copy of documents on a pen drive or flash drive or and memory card.  That saves lot of paper.

·         Passport copy, tickets, visas and travelers check and credit card numbers, international driving permit and a travel insurance policy.

Important tips to remember before we make a travel:
  •       Before you make a travel Know about your visa, rules and conditions of your visa.
  •       Next best thing is to purchase Good Travel insurance.   
  •       Choose a good suitcase with wheels on it, so that you don’t have to lift or drag it all over the place. Always tag your suitcases to easily identify and grab them quickly.
  •       Know your destination - Name of the airport international or local. Know the places in and around the airport which are the best places to eat.
  •       Google and know more information about Duty free shops, restaurants to dine. It is always good to carry a bottle of water along with us.
  •       Google to know about your embassy. Know the location place how to reach there through Google Maps. Once you arrived, let them know you are overseas.
  •       Know the Road rules; even thought you might have driven so many cars in your country. Its better give a good revision of Road rules so that even familiar gives you the latest update.
  •        Make some copies of your travelling documents, travel insurance policy, Travelers check, and visas and know your credit card numbers memorise them. Also know their phone numbers about customer service and your card is it an international or it might be used in local.
  •       Know about your passport is it valid for six months from the date of travel; it is always good to have more validity. That can make you feel more comfort during travel.
  •  .   If you have a family, friend’s cousin let them know you are travelling overseas and also keep in touch with your friends who can just arrive at the airport to pickup.
  • .    Always keep informed with your friends after arrival so that the person who cares about you. You will be able to relax and keep them updates and leave an emergency phone number to contact you.
  • .    Check for the latest news about the country you want to travel. Google about the country to know any changes have occurred before we make a travel.

How important is prescriptions during overseas travel

It’s more important to carry our medicines handy for emergency. It’s always important to carry the prescriptions too. Keep your prescriptions within the reach of your hand and always remember to carry that on your shoulder bag. Even in case of emergency in overseas, your prescriptions might help the doctor to know the medicines you are taking. It always keeps your health fit.
The immigration might want to know whether there is a prescription available for your medicine. Consult your doctor before you make an overseas travel.
What medicines are available - name of your medicine, pills if you take every day? It might helpful for you in case if you lose your medicine.
Also it’s better to know where there is Clinic and pharmacy in case of emergency. Google and know how to reach over there in case you need any medicines. So that you might know what time pharmacy will be open.  Also in case of Diabetics it always better to know the name of pills.  Its more important to carry prescriptions and doctor’s advice slip if you are using a needle for diabetics.
  If you are busy you can keep a Mobile reminder it will be able to make you remember, at what time you have to take your pills.  There are people who stay fit with the help of Mobile reminder. As much as you take care of your mobile it plays important role in reminding when to take what medicines. It beeps.

 Health is more important
Always be active and Energetic, and if you have a plan to travel overseas its about to look for you diet prior to two weeks that will Keep yourself healthy for a week so that you will be able to enjoy and travel happier for your Holidays, work, to visit friends overseas.
As much as you drink water regularly, it will keep you fresh and energetic always.

Travel Insurance:
 Always have good travel insurance. Without travel insurance it is not possible to travel to some of the countries.
It is best to know what your travel insurance covers? It should cover injuries, illness, and theft of valuable, baggage.  Apart from these know what your travel insurance cover provides to you. Where about their locations are, in case if you want to further make a extension and might want to have a better plan before your extension of your travel insurance. Always have a note about your medical conditions, in case of your emergency.
It’s always best to obtain a written confirmation if you have purchased the travel insurance through a credit card.
Its always good to obtain travel insurance for you, your partner and your family under one policy. Before you make a travel make a contact with your insurance provider and in case if you need a written confirmation obtain it before you make the travel plans.
If you have to extend your stay further after arrival, make sure you extend your travel insurance policy also. That will be a good cover for you, your partner and family.

Medibank Private

 Medibank private is a private health insurer owned by Australian Government. Established in 1976.
It is one of the best that covers for the travellers to Australia especially for international students. It is before travel we have to apply and obtain it. It is quick and easy.
 It is also best cover for the international students who come from overseas to Australia for education inside Australian Country. It is a best cover for International students who travel from India to Australia for education.

Visit Medibank.

Importance of Travel Insurance:

Especially for people who are frequent traveler overseas on a weekly basis, or over a month, or over a year, or during vacation, or during Business travel. It is always best to carry travel insurance according to your travel plan.  
 We might have a lot of medical cover in our country, but they might be local or they might not be in time when needed. It is always best to carry an overseas travel insurance that will cover the medical covers overseas.
 The Australian government has shown the importance of being covered with Travel insurance on their website.  The smartravller website shows its importance in travel insurance.
Always stay covered with travel insurance whenever you travel to overseas. As much as you plan your travel, take good travel insurance for yourself and for your loving also.   Your travel makes you feel good and comfort.

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