Thursday, 12 September 2013

Visit to Melbourne Zoo

 Visit to Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo one of the finest place to visit and enjoy taking pictures around. An excellent place to visit if you are going for tour,even on holidays it a place to visit.
I visited along with my friends. The best is that we were altogether and it took us around 2 hours to get back to our home. We loved to spend our time there.

 I loved the butterfly, kept in the Butterfly House the place was so cool and neat. I liked the Butter fly house in the Melbourne zoo. There were so many colorful butterflies.

The butterfly house has so many types of butterflies, from Australian tropical and subtropical butterflies.
When all the butterflies fly together its really amazing and excited to see such a view. It is magical as seen in the movies.

The roof of the butterfly house is kept in such a way its visible all over the places, some times it will look like wonderful moves of the butterfly. There are so many different colors attract us and makes us to stay for a while. Even some of the Butterflies makes us feel when they sit on our shoulders and all over the shirt.

Not only the Butterflies amazes us, there are other sides also makes us feel happy.
 If you are at Melbourne you ca visit easily with the help of the map provided by this website.

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